About the Company

Established in the year 1905, Loksa Shipyard Ltd. is located on the northern coast of Estonia, in the township of Loksa, just about 65 kilometres from Tallinn.


The Company is specialized in fabrication and painting different large-sized non-standard steel structures.


Massive steel structures, fabricated in the hundreds of tons range, up to 580 tons, are loaded onto barges by means of the multi wheeler platforms (Roll-On Roll-Off)


Fabricated steel structures can be also delivered as completely painted, as well as with additionally installed equipment.


The production capacities of the Company plant allow the total fabrication up to 50,000 tons a year.


Distinctive features of our customer-oriented approach comprise the up-to-date equipment and technologies, competitive time of fabrication and high quality of performance. The quality of fabricated items is checked by certified experts highly proficient in 3-D inspection and measurements with the use of electronic equipment.


Loksa Shipyard Ltd. has its own laboratory for X-ray, ultrasonic and magnetic powder inspection. Loksa Shipyard Ltd. products meet the highest international standards in shipbuilding. We have the Certificate of Quality confirmed by Lloyd’s Register, ISO 9001-2000. All our welders have ABS and Germanicher Lloyd certificates.

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